Aspersa tools download shortcuts


I use Aspersa tools a lot and I find myself going to the website just to download one of the tools all the time. I love I can download maatkit with a simple wget command so I made shortcuts for all of the current aspersa tools. Here’s the full list with my favorite on the top and least favorite (but none the less very useful) on the bottom:

So now it’s as simple as wget I hope you will find these useful too.


Update: I made an error with align tool which now links to the root directory of a trunk. I don’t think this is a big deal as I use align least often, but what I did to fix that is created even shorter shortcuts for all the tools, so you can also use wget



  1. Aurimas Mikalauskas says

    I guess I didn’t do it enough times :) I prefer mouse if my gut tells me this is going to be faster

  2. Baron Schwartz says

    I always typed out “wget….” but this is easier :-)

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