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Percona Server and XtraBackup weekly news, April 4th

 | April 4, 2011 |  Posted In: MySQL, Percona Software


Here’s the weekly review of Percona Server and XtraBackup news. Before I begin, let me briefly address a common question. We are sometimes asked about our plans in light of developments in the market such as MySQL 5.5, MariaDB, Drizzle, etc. The short answer is that we’re very happy with Oracle’s GPL’ed MySQL releases as a baseline for Percona Server, we think that it is extremely important to continue developing Percona Server, we don’t see the need for any major changes to how we’re doing that right now, and we plan to stay the course. This question has helped us to see the need for a prominent public roadmap for Percona Server’s future, and we will work on creating that, to provide a longer and more detailed answer to this and other questions. Now, on to the news:

In Percona Server news,

  • We released Percona Server 5.5.10-20.1 as a Release Candidate. (Full details).
  • Alexey made Percona Server use “fast index creation” for ALTER TABLE and OPTIMIZE TABLE, which can make these blocking operations much faster and result in less fragmented indexes. He also improved mysqldump so indexes are created with “fast index creation” when restoring a dump, which can potentially speed up restores greatly.
  • Laurynas worked on ensuring that Percona Server compiles on Windows.

In XtraBackup news,

  • There was a lot of merge activity with the Drizzle team, who as you are probably aware, are making XtraBackup support Drizzle databases.
  • We committed code that makes xtrabackup copy the LRU dump file from Percona Server, so that after the backup is restored, the server will warm up very quickly.
  • We merged new documentation into innobackupex, the Perl wrapper script around xtrabackup. We cleaned this up, moved it to the POD (embedded perldoc), and we will use this to generate the man pages and wiki docs for innobackupex’s options. It is also available via the perldoc command, making it easy to read from a terminal like a man page if you don’t have the man pages installed.
  • We merged a few other fixes for innobackupex.
Baron Schwartz

Baron is the lead author of High Performance MySQL. He is a former Percona employee.

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