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What’s the Big Idea?

 | March 25, 2011 |  Posted In: Tokutek, TokuView

Big Data + Big Ideas = Big Advantage “Big Data” is the new buzzword in IT. Doing a Google search will yield over 1M hits. In Boston, there were two back-to-back Big Data events last month. On Wednesday in New York, there was another Big Data event. Of course, everyone has an opinion on Big […]

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Customer, Analysts, Press on TokuDB v5.0

 | March 24, 2011 |  Posted In: Tokutek

Customers and Users Ernie Souhrada, Chief IT Architect at Jawa “With the introduction of Hot Schema Changes in TokuDB v5.0, Tokutek makes deriving value out of a large MySQL database simple, giving us the option to much more easily analyze our data and generate value for our business.” Sheeri Cabral, Database Operations Manager at PalominoDB […]

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Announcing TokuDB v5.0: Making Big Data Agile

 | March 23, 2011 |  Posted In: Tokutek, TokuView

The Big Data Opportunity “What if you could analyze every transaction, capture insights from every customer interaction, and didn’t have to wait for months to get data from the field?”- McKinsey Column, Financial Times Despite this tremendous opportunity, MySQL implementations are usually kept relatively small, often on the order of 500 GB or less.  Anything […]

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Two quick site updates: videos online; Kindle edition

 | March 22, 2011 |  Posted In: Events and Announcements

Two notes for readers. First, we have been publishing a great deal of video material on our companion site Percona.TV. This includes our recordings from past conferences, user group meetings, screencasts, and most recently our webinars. (I hate the proprietary formats and silly technical restrictions that the webinar companies impose. I figured out how to […]

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How Percona strives to remain neutral and independent

 | March 21, 2011 |  Posted In: Events and Announcements, MySQL

Many of the prominent companies in the MySQL ecosystem are Percona customers, including hardware manufacturers, software developers, hosted service providers, and appliance developers. We perform paid and unpaid research on their products, and we publish blog posts related to their products or services. Independence and objectivity are core Percona values. How do we balance the […]

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Virtualization and IO Modes = Extra Complexity

 | March 21, 2011 |  Posted In: Insight for DBAs, MySQL

It has taken a years to get a proper integration between operating system kernel, device driver and hardware to get behavior with caches and IO modes correctly. I remember us having a lot of troubles with fsync() not flushing hard drive write cache and so potential hard drives can be lost on power failure. Happily […]

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What Causes Downtime in MySQL?

 | March 21, 2011 |  Posted In: Insight for DBAs, MySQL

We’ve just published a new white paper analyzing the causes of emergency incidents filed by our customers. The numbers contradict the urban myth that bad SQL is the most common problem in databases. There are a number of surprises in other areas, too, such as the causes of data loss. This is the companion to […]

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Choosing an appropriate benchmark length

 | March 21, 2011 |  Posted In: Benchmarks, MySQL

The duration of a benchmark is an important factor that helps determine how meaningful it is. Most systems have some “burstable capacity,” and this can influence the results a lot. You can see this in all areas of life — you can sprint much faster than you can run a 10k race. Your stereo system […]

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