Tokutek’s Chief Scientist Discusses TokuDB v5.0

Running with Big Data

It’s spring here in Boston, though one could hardly tell (still barely hitting 40°F). So, for those stuck indoors working out on the treadmill, or those lucky enough to do a workout outdoors, we’ve got a great podcast. Our Chief Scientist and co-founder Martín Farach-Colton had the privilege of sitting down with Sheeri Cabral and Sarah Novotny for their weekly MySQL Database Community Podcast (OurSQL Episode 39). In it, he speaks about Tokutek and TokuDB v5.0, which was just released last week (see press release, blog, quotes). Version 5.0 includes the following features that make big data on MySQL and MariaDB more agile:

  • Hot Column Addition and Deletion: Users can now add or drop columns in seconds to minutes, as opposed to hours to days
  • Hot Indexing: Index creation does not block reads or writes to the table.
  • MVCC: Eliminates row-level locking and table locking

This podcast is part one of a two part series. In it, in addition to TokuDB v5.0, Martín gets into technical details on index and insertion performance, table sizes, DBA downtime elimination, Fractal Tree indexing, B-trees, fragmentation, clustering indexes, and more.

We really hope that for part two later this week, it’s warm enough to actually go outside to workout. This being Boston though, I am not trading in my boots for running shoes just quite yet….

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