Customer, Analysts, Press on TokuDB v5.0

Customers and Users

Ernie Souhrada, Chief IT Architect at Jawa

“With the introduction of Hot Schema Changes in TokuDB v5.0, Tokutek makes deriving value out of a large MySQL database simple, giving us the option to much more easily analyze our data and generate value for our business.”

Sheeri Cabral, Database Operations Manager at PalominoDB

“With this new version [TokuDB v5.0], it is not necessary to schedule downtime or switchover from a primary to a secondary server to add new columns or indexes. Business analysts will not have to wait hours or days for a new index to make their queries faster and release engineers will breathe a sigh of relief if a new column needs to be added.  It will definitely make my job a lot easier.”


Joseph Martins of the Data Mobility Group

“With the introduction of agile and online operations (Hot Schema Changes) in TokuDB v5.0, Tokutek ensures MySQL can be used in environments that were previously limited to the largest of enterprise database vendors.”

Stuart Miniman, Wikibon

“The growth of data, especially in real-time Web 2.0 environments, can be a burden or an opportunity for new products and new revenue. MySQL users should consider TokuDB to increase agility, speed and scalability.”


Mike Vizard, CTO Edge

“The company has developed an index engine for MySQL based on Fractal Tree technology that allows MySQL performance to scale from gigabytes to terabytes.”

Joab Jackson, IT News

“Tokutek [now] offers an alternative MySQL storage engine for on-the-fly schema changes”

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