White Paper: “Scaling MySQL Deployments Efficiently” from Percona and Virident

Percona was working closely with Virident on evaluating tachIOn as solution for MySQL, and as result you can find whitepaper “Scaling MySQL Deployments Efficiently Using Virident tachIOn Drives”, available from Virident website. It was done as part of our consulting practice, but all results and numbers are certified by Percona. I personally really enjoyed performance and stability provided by tachIOn card, and you actually saw bunch of benchmarks results published on our blog which proves it.
Virident tachIOn will be on the list of our recommendations for customers looking to improve performance or building high-performance solution based on MySQL.

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  • SI Reply

    I recently had to consider scaling for my website, I considered my options and chose to scale out to two servers rather than unpgrading the hardware, and I have been very impressed. Its amazing how much easier it is to optimize a server when you cut the number of services on it. E.G a better filesysystem for mysql (XFS) compared with PHP with an opcode cache (EXT4).

    Anyway, just some input from a long time reader.

    February 10, 2011 at 5:19 am
  • Justin Swanhart Reply


    There comes a point when an application grows to a point where the write performance becomes the scalability bottleneck. Traditional scale-out techniques require sharding at this point to split the writes in half. This adds additional operational overhead and usually requires significant application changes.

    Improving write IO can move or eliminate this pain point, but to do so cost effectively and without using racks of hard disks is difficult (we need IOPS not throughput). Fast storage IO subsystems such as Virident provide an alternative to that footprint.

    February 14, 2011 at 11:57 am

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