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Percona Server and XtraBackup weekly news, February 5th

 | February 6, 2011 |  Posted In: MySQL, Percona Software


I decided to try a series of blog posts keeping people informed about what’s happening in Percona Server and Percona XtraBackup once a week. I’ll try to digest things, but it turns out to be hard — I want to provide details and links for everything, but then it isn’t really a digest anymore, so I cut out a lot of detail.

Team news in general:

  • There is a new Quality Assurance Engineer, Valentine Gostev, reporting and handling bugs.
  • There is a new Build Engineer, Ignacio Nin, who is handling packaging and other duties.
  • Aleksandr Kuzminsky has moved out of the Build Engineer role and has transferred to the consulting team instead. (He’s one of Percona’s data recovery experts, among other things).

Percona Server news:

Percona XtraBackup news:

Baron Schwartz

Baron is the lead author of High Performance MySQL. He is a former Percona employee.


  • A somewhat OT question: are there any statistics on whether (and which) Percona patches propagate back to MySQL, MariaDB, etc.? And vice-versa? Is that still possible (for the server), or are the different servers diverting fast? I suppose users have their favorite server packages which they would use whatever a certain patch’s propagation status, nevertheless, it’d still be interesting if the release teams could agree on a common place to compare their products.

  • The different branches really have quite different and legitimate purposes and goals. Although Oracle has done a great job with the 5.5 release, and MySQL remains open-source and free software, I don’t know whether they are interested in merging any of our changes back upstream.

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