Percona is looking for a Support Engineer

As part of our growth process and with the introduction of our Support and Maintenance services, we’re looking for a new Support Engineer.

You would be a part of a unit that operates 24×7 and be the first line of contact for our customers.

Responsibilities include handling or dispatching emergencies and support requests, triaging incoming issues, and ensuring customers always get the attention they need.

The requirements for the position are:
* Excellent written and spoken English
* Knowledge of MySQL and InnoDB
* Knowledge of Linux or other UNIX type systems administration
* Knowledge of popular LAMP technologies such as Apache
* Detail oriented
* Service oriented
* Proven success working in a distributed environment where e-mail, IRC and voice calls are the only interaction with colleagues, managers and customers

You should be able to assist customers with requests such as query optimization, replication problems, reproducing bugs and general mysql administration and use inquires, among other things.

Work is scheduled in 8-hour shifts, with 2 consecutive days off every week, only one of which is guaranteed to fall on the weekend. The specific shift we want covered with this opening is 14 – 22 Pacific time, though some 22 – 06 Pacific time shifts may be required occasionally.

Some of the advantages of working for Percona include good pay and benefits, working from home, with a team of experts who deal with challenging projects everyday and who are actively involved in the development community around MySQL.

Some travel is required to a yearly company meeting and to regional conferences and events.

If this sounds like you, please get in touch using our contact form. Thanks!

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  • Clinton Mc

    Feel Free to contact us,maybe we could help.

    December 1, 2010 at 2:54 am

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