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There’s an interview with Baron Schwartz (that’s me) on Topics include the history of Percona’s software such as Percona Server (our version of the MySQL database server) and XtraBackup, what we do at Percona, what tools we use to do it, how to think logically about performance optimization, what ugly surprises happen when you set up mysqldump backups and forget about them for a couple of months, and lots of other things. If you have not watched past episodes, I encourage you to do that. They feature a lot of really smart people from companies such as New Relic and 37signals. Josh is a great host for the show. He’s a web engineer himself, and he knows how to ask probing questions that bring out a lot of interesting details about various web applications.



  1. Sherzod says

    Hi Baron,

    In the interview you said you had notes that could go into High Performance MySQL book. Are you considering 3rd edition? I’d love to see more on the tools you use in/for Percona like XtraDB, toolkits, column oriented storage options and etc.


  2. says

    The second edition is still selling very well, so even if we wanted to prematurely terminate its sales with a third edition, the publisher would not be interested in that.

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