Percona Server 5.1.50-rel11.4

Dear Community,

Percona Server version 5.1.50-rel11.4 is now available for download.

The changes in this release include:

New features

The primary purpose of this release is to update to the latest version of MySQL 5.1.

  • Percona Server 5.1.50-rel11.4 is now based on MySQL 5.1.50.

Fixed bugs

The binary packages are available on our website.

Percona Server can be installed from either our RPM or Debian repository.
It is worth mentioning that Percona Server doesn’t obsolete MySQL packages, so, if you’re migrating from MySQL to Percona Server, you have to remove your MySQL packages and then install Percona Server. To keep applications which depend on MySQL during migration, you need to install the Percona-Server-shared-compat package.

The latest source code for Percona Server, including the development branch, can be found on LaunchPAD.

Please report any bugs found at Bugs in Percona Server.
For general questions, use our Pecona-discussions group, and for development questions our Percona-dev group.

For support, commercial, and sponsorship inquiries, contact Percona.

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  • Raj

    Great, thanks. Any timeframe for the next XtraBackup release?

    September 28, 2010 at 11:29 am

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