Percona Server 5.1.49-rel12.0

Dear Community,

Starting with this release, we introduce a new release model for Percona Server. From now on, we will have both Stable and Release Candidate releases. Release Candidates will introduce new features not yet available in Stable releases.

Along with new features, our new 5.1.49-12.0 RC contains a couple of patches from the Facebook-MySQL tree – . Of particular note is better integration with FlashCache.

We also introduce the very interesting new feature called “Permanent InnoDB Buffer Pool”  (sponsored by a Well Known Social Network site). It allows you to keep the InnoDB buffer pool in memory between restarts of MySQL servers.
This can result in a significant decrease in warmup time after MySQL restarts.

Starting with this release, we will also provide special builds optimized for Cisco UCS B250/C250 servers, which come with a lot of memory (up to 384GB). Mentioned above, “Permanent InnoDB Buffer Pool” is especially interesting for servers with 128GB+ memory sizes, as it currently can take hours to warm up an empty InnoDB buffer pool on these boxes.

Percona Server version 5.1.49-rel12.0 RC is available for download now.

The changes in this release include:

New features

  • Percona Server 5.1.49-rel12.0 is based on MySQL 5.1.49.
  • New features added:
    • error_pad – Implements error code compatibilities with MySQL 5.5. (Oleg Tsarev)
    • query_cache_totally_disable – Allows the user to disable use of the query cache. (Oleg Tsarev, backport from MySQL 5.5)
    • show_engines – Changes to report XtraDB when appropriate. (Oleg Tsarev)
    • remove_fcntl_excessive_calls Bug #606810 – Removes excessive fcntl calls. (Oleg Tsarev, ported from Facebook tree)
    • sql_no_fcache – Prevents blocks of data from being cached to FlashCache during a query. (Oleg Tsarev, ported from FaceBook tree)
    • status_wait_query_cache_mutex – Provides a new thread state – “Waiting on query cache mutex”. (Oleg Tsarev)
    • log_connection_error – Issues the warning “Too many connection” if log_warnings is enabled. (Oleg Tsarev)
    • response_time_distribution – Counts queries with very short execution times and groups them by time interval. (Oleg Tsarev)
    • innodb_buffer_pool_shm_key – Allows storing the buffer pool in a shared memory segment between restarts of the server. (Yasufumi Kinoshita)
    • Option syslog was added to the mysql server. If enabled, all commands run on the server are logged to syslog. (Oleg Tsarev)
  • New variables introduced:
    • innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit_session – Implements a session-level version of the MySQL global system variable . (Yasufumi Kinoshita)
    • innodb_fast_index_creation – Allows disabling of fast index creation. (Yasufumi Kinoshita)
    • innodb_use_sys_stats_table – If ON, the table’s statistics are stored statically in the internal table SYS_STATS. The table is populated with the ANALYZE TABLE command. (Yasufumi Kinoshita)

Fixed bugs

  • Bug #576041 – Fixes long stalls while accessing the innodb_buffer_pool_pages_index table on systems with a large number of tables.
  • Bug #592007 – More strictly enforces the maximum purge delay defined by innodb_max_purge_lag by removing the requirement that purge operations be delayed if an old consistent read view exists that could see the rows to be purged.
  • Bug #607449 – Fixes a crash during shutdown when userstat_running=1.
  • Bug #612954 – Fixes a problem with SHOW PROCESSLIST displaying an incorrect time.
  • Bug #610525 – Reduces the number of compile time errors when the server is rebuilt.
  • Bug #569275 – Fixes a crash when XtraDB shuts down in “crash resistent mode”.
  • Bug #589484 – Adds reporting of the query cache mutex status in SHOW PROCESSLIST.
  • Bug #606965 – Allows preventing data caching to flash storage during a query.
  • Bug #609027 – Allows query cache use to be completely disabled
  • Bug #600352 – Fixes SHOW STORAGE ENGINES to correctly report “Percona-XtraDB” rather than “InnoDB”

The binary packages are available on our website.
The Release Notes for this and previous releases can be found in our Wiki.

The latest source code for Percona Server, including the development branch, can be found on LaunchPAD.

Please report any bugs found at Bugs in Percona Server.
For general questions, use our Pecona-discussions group, and for development questions our Percona-dev group.

For support, commercial, and sponsorship inquiries, contact Percona.

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Comments (6)

  • Mark Callaghan

    Very nice. I look forward to more benchmark results.

    September 15, 2010 at 12:44 pm
  • limohao

    I hope that the version released on time

    Percona Server 5.1.50-12.1 2010-09-24 not yet released Bugs targeted: 1 Confirmed
    Percona Server 5.1.50-11.4 2010-09-17 not yet released

    September 15, 2010 at 6:37 pm
  • Marcus Bointon

    How long do you take to push packages to your apt/yum repos? I’m not seeing this update on there yet.

    September 17, 2010 at 9:37 am
  • Vadim


    It is available in percona-rc repository, not in main repo.

    September 17, 2010 at 11:16 am
  • Nicklas Westerlund


    However – do you really mean ‘increase warmup time after MySQL restart’ ? I would assume that it helps to reduce warmup times since you still have the data in the buffer pool.

    September 21, 2010 at 12:34 pm
  • Erik Ljungstrom

    Really nice work on the buffer pool in shm!

    One thing though, as far as I can see on in rev 105 of release-5.1.49-12 on launchpad, the syslog functionality is strictly client side. As it’s described above, it’s quite easy to think that it’s a server-side thing, so that all statements regardless of origin is logged (like the general log). Or did I simply miss something?

    Keep them coming!

    September 22, 2010 at 4:45 pm

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