Monthly Archives - August 2010

Why message queues and offline processing are so important

If you read Percona’s whitepaper on Goal-Driven Performance Optimization, you will notice that we define performance using the combination of three separate terms. You really want to read the paper, but let me summarize it here:

Response Time – This is the time required to complete a desired task.
Throughput – Throughput is measured in […]

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TokuDB speeds up “replace” and “insert ignore” operations by relaxing the affected rows constraint

In posts on June 30 and July 6, we explained how implementing the commands “replace into” and “insert ignore” with TokuDB’s fractal trees data structures can be two orders of magnitude faster than implementing them with B-trees. Towards the end of each post, we hinted at that there are some caveats that complicate the […]

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