Announcing TokuDB v4.1

Announcing TokuDB v4.1


Tokutek is pleased to announce immediate availability of TokuDB for MySQL, version 4.1. It is designed for continuous querying and analysis of large volumes of rapidly arriving and changing data, while maintaining full ACID properties.

New in TokuDB v4.1 includes important improvements, most notably support for SAVEPOINT and improved Fast Loader performance (introduced in v4.0).

This new release builds on TokuDB’s unique combination of capabilities:

  • 10x-50x faster indexing for faster querying
  • Full support for ACID transactions
  • Short recovery time (seconds or minutes, not hours or days)
  • Immunity to database aging to eliminate performance degradation and maintenance headaches
  • 5x-15x data compression for reduced disk use and lower storage costs

Because of its high indexing performance and transaction support, TokuDB is well suited to Web applications that must simultaneously store and query large volumes of rapidly arriving data, including:

  • Logfile Analysis
  • High-speed Webcrawling
  • Real-time clickstream analysis
  • Social Networking
  • eCommerce Personalization

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