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Query Response time histogram – new feature in Percona Server

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Recently we had couple posts dedicated to performance monitoring, i.e. Color code your performance numbers, Performance Optimization and Six Sigma, so you may understand we consider stability of performance numbers as one of important area for database management.

That’s why we decided to add histogram of queries response times into Percona Server, and our software engineer Oleg Tsarev implemented this feature. The feature adds new INFORMATION_SCHEMA table QUERY_RESPONSE_TIME
( full docs are on page response_time_distribution), which looks like

and which basically means that there were 7040 queries with execution time less than 1 sec and more than 0.1 sec.

The feature will be available in next release of Percona Server 5.1-12.0, but you can try it earlier – we setup our BuildBot farm to generate binary snapshots for each commit into lp:percona-server repository, and now you can take binary version for each particular commit from our TESTING stage

And to demonstrate possible usage of histogram of response time, let me show you
how increasing throughput affects response time. There are histograms and pie charts for sysbench oltp runs
for 1, 32 and 128 concurrent threads

1 thread

so as you see in this case 10% of all queries were executed with execution time in interval (0.1ms, 1 ms] and 86% queries had execution time in interval (0.01ms, 0.1ms]

32 threads

With 32 thread percent of queries in interval (0.1ms, 1ms] increased to 30%, and (0.01ms, 0.1ms] dropped to 68%

128 threads

For 128 threads we see now 12% of queries went into 1 ms < resp time <= 10ms, which we did not see previously,
and (0.1ms, 1ms] increased to 35%, while percentage of queries <=0.1ms is now only 52%.

I expect Baron will add this to Cacti templates, so you can setup monitoring of response times.

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Vadim Tkachenko

Vadim leads Percona's development group, which produces the Percona Server, Percona Server for MongoDB, Percona XtraDB Cluster and Percona XtraBackup. He is an expert in solid-state storage, and has helped many hardware and software providers succeed in the MySQL market.


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