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TokuDB Indexes are NOT in-memory (and not hash tables either)

Another plug for Bradley’s talk Thursday morning at the MySQL User’s conference. Spending the day talking to DBA’s and other potential users of TokuDB, I (Zardosht) noticed the same question/theme come up numerous times in conversation. “Oh, so your indexes are in memory, that is why iiBench is so much faster for TokuDB than […]

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Is there a performance difference between JOIN and WHERE?

I’ve heard this question a lot, but never thought to blog about the answer. “Is there a performance difference between putting the JOIN conditions in the ON clause or the WHERE clause in MySQL?”
No, there’s no difference. The following queries are algebraically equivalent inside MySQL and will have the same execution plan.



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Slides from my Sphinx talk at RIT++ 2010

While the majority of Percona gang travelled to California for the MySQL event of the year, I headed in the opposite direction to Moscow for RIT++ 2010 conference where I presented a talk on Sphinx. You can get the PDF file here – Improving MySQL-based applications performance with Sphinx.

I have been invited to […]

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Dear Community,
The notice is hereby given that next version 1.2 of XtraBackup software is released.
The list of changes in this version includes:

XtraBackup supports now XtraDB 10
tar4ibd supports variable page size and fast_checksum of XtraDB
Supported 32bit platform for Centos 5, Centos 4, Debian lenny and etch, Ubuntu Karmic, Jaunty, Intrepid, Hardy, FreeBSD


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