Come Meet Percona In Person Next Week

Percona will have 14 members of our team at next week’s O’Reilly MySQL Conference in California. Drop by and meet us at booth 308 (for Percona) or 216 (for Maatkit). Bring your technical questions and problems to our experts. To make it easier for you to meet specific Perconians, check this Google calendar for when each consultant should be present at the booth. (Hint: use Agenda view.) We’ll be talking at 23 sessions, tutorials, or BOFs. Check here if you want to see when Percona’s speakers are scheduled to be on stage. We look forward to seeing our friends face to face each year in Santa Clara. Please introduce yourself and say hello!

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  • Baron Schwartz

    As the Maatkit founder and maintainer, I’d like to point out that Maatkit is a separate entity from Percona, and the Maatkit booth is staffed mainly by Percona’s Maatkit developers because it’s mostly Percona developers who submit patches to Maatkit. Actually Daniel and I have our own, separate calendar for booth coverage, and it includes Mark Callaghan; I didn’t realize until now that Tom had made a duplicate calendar and assigned it all to Daniel. (More people are *welcome* to help out! It’s just that no one else was stepping up to the plate.)

    April 11, 2010 at 10:53 am

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