Announcing New Training Venues for May-August


We’ve just launched training for London, Seattle, San Francisco, Atlanta, Orlando, Columbus, Dallas, San Diego, Denver, Minneapolis, New York City, Chicago & Washington DC.  This is in addition to Los Angeles, Raleigh & Toronto – which had previously been scheduled.

If you organize a meetup group in one of these cities, get in touch.  In the last six months we’ve visited community events in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, Washington DC and Montreal.  If schedules overlap, we’d be happy to add you to that list.



  1. UN Owen says

    Morgan — Are you picking up the venues that MySQL training used to use before they were forced into Oracle classrooms??

  2. says

    We’re picking locations based on demand (on there’s a ‘Register your demand button’), blog readership and a little bit of guess work. In the USA the venues are Microtek, which is the same brand as what MySQL Training uses.

    I don’t think all classes have moved to Oracle facilities.

  3. John says

    Just came back from the Toronto version. This training session was worth the price of admission and Morgan was able to answer all my questions in detail.



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