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Community Events February-March

 | January 22, 2010 |  Posted In: Events and Announcements, MySQL


February and March as busy months for Community events.  There’s MySQL University, Fosdem, the Seattle MySQL Meetup & Here are the details:

  • February 4th – I’ll be presenting a talk via MySQL University on Optimizing Queries with Explain.  This talk will be about learning to read the output from MySQL’s EXPLAIN command, and optimizing some example queries from the IMDB dataset.  At 5.7G in InnoDB tables imported before any secondary key indexes IMDB is one of my new favorite example databases.  It’s about the right size on most desktop PCs that you can measure the difference between a query that’s optimized and one that’s not.  All material comes courtesy of a new chapter I’ve been writing for our Developer’s class on Schema & Indexing.
  • February 7th – My colleague Piotr will be presenting on Multi-Master Replication Manager for MySQL at the MySQL & Friends Dev Room.  Besides Piotr’s talk, there will be a number of MySQL enthusiasts in Brussels for FOSDEM.  I recommend reading Lenz’s announcement or the wiki page for more information.
  • February 16th – I’ll be at the Seattle MySQL User Group giving a talk on Quick Wins with third party patches for MySQL.  This is an old talk I’ve given previously, but I’ll be updating it to demonstrate some of the really cool things you can do with XtraDB R-9.
  • February 23rd – The Boston MySQL Meetup is organizing a social dinner.  More details to come.
  • March 8-12th – I’ll be at in Montréal presenting two training workshops, and talks on “I’m going to tell you what MySQL is bad at!” and “Diagnosing and Fixing MySQL Database Problems“.  Telling you what something is bad at is my provocative way of saying that there are some really awesome tools that compliment MySQL well.
Morgan Tocker

Morgan is a former Percona employee. He was the Director of Training at Percona. He was formerly a Technical Instructor for MySQL and Sun Microsystems. He has also previously worked in the MySQL Support Team, and provided DRBD support.


  • Philip, It looks like we’re choosing the right locations then. (previously PHP Quebec) is one of my favourite conferences – the organizers always go to a lot of effort to make sure that speakers get plenty of feedback, and they organize social events.

  • Hi Dalin,

    14:00 UTC / 6am PST (Pacific) / 8am CST (Central) / 9am EST (Eastern) / 14:00 GMT (London) / 15:00 CET (Central Europe) / 17:00 MDT (Moscow) / 19:30 IST (India)

    Perhaps I should have linked to:

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