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Effect of adaptive_flushing

I recently had the chance to witness the effects of innodb_adaptive_flushing on the performance of InnoDB Plugin 1.0.5 in the wild, which Yasufumi wrote about previously here and here.
The server in question was Solaris 10 with 8 disk RAID10 and 2 32GB SSDs used for ZIL and L2ARC, 72G RAM and 40G buffer pool. […]

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Paul McCullagh answers your questions about PBXT

Following on from our earlier announcement, Paul McCullagh has responded with the answers to your questions – as well as a few I gathered from other Percona folks, and attendees of OpenSQL Camp. Thank you Paul!
What’s the “ideal” use case for the PBXT engine, and how does it compare in performance?  When would […]

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How innodb_open_files affects performance

Recently I looked at table_cache sizing which showed larger table cache does not always provides the best performance. So I decided to look at yet another similar variable – innodb_open_files which defines how many files Innodb will keep open while working in innodb_file_per_table mode.
Unlike MyISAM Innodb does not have to keep open […]

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5.0.87-build20 Percona binaries

Dear Community,
We are pleased to present the 20th build of MySQL server with Percona patches.
Comparing to the previous release it has following new features:

The build is based on MySQL-5.0.87
innodb_rw_lock.patch is ported from InnoDB Plugin 1.0.3
To be compatible with RedHat RPM repository, the naming scheme has changed to


<rpm name>-<mysql version>-<percona build version>.<buildnumber>.<redhat version>.<architecture>.rpm


<rpm name>-<mysql version>-<percona […]

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