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How innodb_open_files affects performance

Recently I looked at table_cache sizing which showed larger table cache does not always provides the best performance. So I decided to look at yet another similar variable – innodb_open_files which defines how many files Innodb will keep open while working in innodb_file_per_table mode.
Unlike MyISAM Innodb does not have to keep open […]

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5.0.87-build20 Percona binaries

Dear Community,
We are pleased to present the 20th build of MySQL server with Percona patches.
Comparing to the previous release it has following new features:

The build is based on MySQL-5.0.87
innodb_rw_lock.patch is ported from InnoDB Plugin 1.0.3
To be compatible with RedHat RPM repository, the naming scheme has changed to


<rpm name>-<mysql version>-<percona build version>.<buildnumber>.<redhat version>.<architecture>.rpm


<rpm name>-<mysql version>-<percona […]

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New TokuDB 2.2.0 feature: more query progress information

Last spring, we added a feature that allows the user to see the progress of writes in a statement. Vadim liked it. In 2.2.0, in “show processlist”, we add progress information on reads.

Here is an example of what “show processlist” displays on an update:


mysql> show processlist G
*************************** 1. row ***************************
Id: 1
User: root
Host: localhost
db: test
Command: […]

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Chicago & Atlanta -last two training locations of the year

A final update on training for this year – registration for InnoDB/XtraDB training in Chicago (8th December) and Atlanta (10th December) are now open.
While in Atlanta I’ll be giving a talk at the Atlanta PHP User Group on Optimizing MySQL Performance (details to be posted to their website shortly).  If you’re in Chicago and […]

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