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Queries Active vs Transactions Active

What is wrong here (the part of SHOW INNODB STATUS):

8 queries inside InnoDB, 9 queries in queue
100 read views open inside InnoDB

It is relationship between queries active – queries inside innodb+queries in the queue totalling 17 with “read views open inside InnoDB” which is a fancy way of saying “active transactions” […]

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Cache Miss Rate as a function of Cache Size

I saw Mark Callaghan’s post, and his graph showing miss rate as a function of cache size for InnoDB running MySQL. He plots miss rate against cache size and compares it to two simple models:

A linear model where the miss rate is (1-C/D)/50, and
A inverse-proportional model where the miss rate is D/(1000C).

He seemed […]

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Sponsoring OpenSQL Camp 2009

We’re supporting the OpenSQL Camp, which will be held in Portland on November 14.
One of my objectives for the camp is to make progress on a universal storage engine API, to make it possible to use the same storage engines in MySQL, PostgreSQL, Ingres, or any other database. I’m also looking […]

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Off to California!

Today’s the day I fly to Los Angeles to teach a private training class, en route to Santa Clara/San Francisco for our public training workshops next week.
Our Montreal practice teach at Station-C went great – it was an opportunity to do a road test and iron out any kinks in the delivery.
What did I […]

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