OpenSQL Camp 2009


OpenSQL CampThis is just a public service announcement (reminder?) that LenZ and Giuseppe are planning OpenSQL Camp 2009, this time in Europe, which is great. It’ll be part of FrOSCon.

I wish I could say that I’ll attend, but due to various unpredictabilities in my family, I can’t plan that far ahead. I don’t yet know whether anyone from Percona can attend, but I know a couple of our European consultants are looking at it and tossing around various proposals. (BTW, any lack of proposals / sessions from Percona is strictly our fault, in case there is concern about that. One person noticed and said something to me, so I thought it’s worth mentioning.)

I’m thrilled that people thought the first OpenSQL Camp was valuable enough that they’re carrying it forward!



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    The “unpredictabilities” part certainly sounds exciting!

    And yes, sad but true, it was good for you to point that out, as past experience thought us to be suspicious.

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    Every time I write a blog post I put one unfortunate word in it :-) This time “unpredictable” , last time “quietly”… My family all wants a holiday together and who knows when we’ll get 4 brothers, wives, kids, mom, aunt and uncle and cousin all together?

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