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MySQL 5.1 Grammar Changes to Support Clustering Indexes

This post is for storage engine developers that may be interested in implementing multiple clustering keys.

After blogging about TokuDB’s multiple clustering indexes feature, Baron Schwartz suggested we contribute the patch to allow other storage engine to implement the feature. We filed a feature request to MySQL to support this, along with a proposed patch. […]

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5.0.77 / 5.0.82 -build16 Percona binaries

Dear community,
We are pleased to announce the build16 of MySQL server® with Percona patches.
Since the build13 there was a couple of customer specific releases, which explains cutover in numbering and a pause between the builds. Also we prepared build for both 5.0.77 and 5.0.82 versions.
Since that time new patches were added:

This patch adds information […]

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How clustering indexes sometimes help UPDATE and DELETE performance

I recently posted a blog entry on clustering indexes, which are good for speeding up queries. Eric Day brought up the concern that clustering indexes might degrade update performance. This is often true, since any update will require updating the clustering index as well.
However, there are some cases in TokuDB for MySQL, where […]

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Long Index Keys

In this post we’ll describe a query that accrued significant performance advantages from using a relatively long index key. (This posting is by Zardosht and Bradley.)

We ran across this query recently when interacting with a customer (who gave us permission to post this sanitized version of the story):


SELECT name,

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