The feature I love in TokuDB


Playing with TokuDB updates I noticed in SHOW PROCESSLIST unsual for MySQL State.

(Do not look in stupid UPDATE query, it’s just for testing :) )

So looking in SHOW PROCESSLIST you can see progress of query execution.

I would want to see it in standard MySQL and InnoDB more than all these triggers and stored routines! Probably will implement this in XtraDB.



  1. Adomas says

    I’ve always missed this kind of stuff from MySQL. Hope to see more of it coming to MySQL and other forks.

  2. says

    That is so awesome. Does it work for ALTER TABLE too?

    Can’t help but wonder how many times I’ve impatiently killed a MySQL server, assuming a long-running query was never going to finish, never to discover that it was only 30 seconds away from completing.

  3. says

    Gil, TokuDB shows progress for alter tables that add or drop indexes. It does not show progress for other alter tables (such as those that add a column).

    In summary, TokuDB shows progress in the following situations:
    1) updates, as shown above
    2) deletes, similar to above
    3) insert statements (for example, doing loads with “insert into foo select * from bar” will show progress)
    4) index creation

  4. Mchl says

    Nah… i would not exchange triggers for this… Still would be a nice thing to have.

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