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Covering Indexes: Orders-of-Magnitude Improvements

The talk I gave at the Percona Performance Conference at the MySQL
Users Conference in April 2009 can be found here.
This talk provides some examples where covering indexes help, and
then describes a performance model that can be used to understand and
predict query performance. It covers clustering indexes (which are a
kind of “universal” covering index), and […]

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Global Transaction ID and other patches available!

I do not know if you noticed it, but Google (Mark Callaghan, Justin Tolmer and their internal mysql-team) made a great contribution to MySQL. Patches global transaction IDs, binlog event checksums and crash-safe replication state are separated and published on Launchpad (
For me it was a big wall in using these patches that they […]

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read_ahead (disabled) as steroid

Last week we were busy to align XtraDB performance with 5.4, now we have some results. Currently it is available as “hacks” to XtraDB (available on Lauchpad lp:~percona-dev/percona-xtradb/hacks-porting-tune if you are interested). Basically we took improvements from 5.4 and backported ones performance related to XtraDB.
Here are results for tpcc-like workload, 100W (~10GB) ( raw […]

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