Global Transaction ID and other patches available!


I do not know if you noticed it, but Google (Mark Callaghan, Justin Tolmer and their internal mysql-team) made a great contribution to MySQL. Patches global transaction IDs, binlog event checksums and crash-safe replication state are separated and published on Launchpad (

For me it was a big wall in using these patches that they were part of one big patch, which you can apply only to 5.0.37, and now there is no barrier to include patches into our builds or MySQL releases.

If you do not know what is Global Transactional ID is – it is worth to look From my point of view – it is absolutely new view on MySQL replication and it can change MySQL replication architecture.

We definitely will look if we can integrate patches into percona builds and provide binaries if there is no problems. Also I mostly sure the patches will be included into MariaDB along with other Percona-improvements and XtraDB storage engine.



  1. Mark Callaghan says

    Justin did a great job on this and I can’t wait for it to show up in a Percona binary.

  2. Vadim says


    No we are not going to add innodb-freeze to xtradb, we have xtrabackup to cover our backup needs.

  3. Vadim says


    As far as I understand global_transaction_id does not work with row-level replication.

  4. Mark Callaghan says

    The innodb-freeze patch needs much more work to be stable in production.

    The global transaction id patch is published for 5.0. Row-based replication is not available in 5.0.

  5. says

    We’ve been using innodb freeze for a while now but I think that in conjunction with LVM snapshots we’ve been avoiding any bugs with it…

    It’s redundant now though with LVM snapshots.

    We were using innodb freeze BEFORE we started using LVM to bypass a bug in xfs_freeze…

    Would be nice if it were fixed though so that we don’t have to rely on LVM.

  6. Vadim says


    How do you do backups ? Why do you need innodb freeze ? As I said we think xtrabackup makes innodb freeze unneeded.
    But if you still interested in innodb_freeze you know how to contact us :)

  7. says

    We use this primarily to do slave clones….. I saw your note about xtrabackup doing clones but I have not yet had a chance to look at it.

    Our current setup works 😉

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