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SHOW OPEN TABLES – what is in your table cache

One command, which few people realize exists is SHOW OPEN TABLES – it allows you to examine what tables do you have open right now:


mysql> show open tables from test;
| Database | Table | In_use | Name_locked |
| test | a | […]

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Reading MySQL Enterprise future…

Well, actually it is not reading future, but just mysql-5.1.30.rhel4.spec file from MySQL RedHat 4 SRPM.
I found there few MySQL Enterprise Editions, namely:
MySQL Enterprise Server – Advanced Edition
MySQL Enterprise Server – Pro Edition
MySQL Enterprise Server – Classic Edition
What is difference ? Let’s see.
For MySQL Enterprise Server – Advanced Edition:
%define INNODB_BUILD 1
For […]

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When to use Hardware upgrade instead of Software Optimization

One typical question which frequently pops up is whenever it is better to use hardware upgrade or optimize software more. I already wrote about it, for example here.
Today I’ll look at the same topic from the consultants view. When consultant should suggest hardware upgrade and when it is not in a simple […]

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iiBench configuration

A tip of the hat to Mark Callaghan, who suggested I post our my.cnf settings for iiBench.
Instead of fiddling around with the configuration file, we adjusted everything on the command line. Here’s the relevant script from iiBench/scripts/

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