XtraDB storage engine release 1.0.2-2 (New Year edition)


Today we announce release 1.0.2-2 of our XtraDB storage engine.

Here is a list of enhancements:

  • split-buffer_pool_mutex

The patch splits global InnoDB buffer_pool mutex into several and eliminates waitings on flush IO and mutex when there is no enough free buffers. It helps if you have performance drops when data does not fit in memory.

InnoDB has a concurrent transaction limit of 1024 because in the standard InnoDB the number of undo slots is fixed value. This patch expands the maximum number of undo slots to 4072 and allows better utilizing modern hardware. (Thank SmugMug for this feature!)

ATTENTION: If the option was enabled and the expanded slots are used, you cannot use the datafile with system tablespace for the software which assume 1024 slots (e.g. the other mysqld or innodb hotbackup). See documentation for details.

Percona XtraDB 1.0.2-2 available :

XtraDB is compatible with existing InnoDB tables (Warning: unless you used innodb_extra_undoslots ) and we are going to keep compatibility in further releases. We are open for features requests for new engine and ready to accept community patches. You can monitor Percona’s current tasks and further plans on the Percona XtraDB Launchpad project. You can also request features and report bugs there. Also we have setup two maillists for General discussions and for Development related questions.



  1. says

    Regarding “as binaries, percona xtradb is compiled in into MySQL-5.1.30 RPM” – does this mean that XtraDB is the default InnoDB storage engine in the server RPM file or does it still need to be enabled via the loadable modules method?

  2. Laine says

    so can we use the xtra plugin in a 5.0 percona build to take advantage of > 1024 innodb txns?

  3. Vadim says


    No, XtraDB plugin is available only for 5.1, but we can port patch for 5.0 for percona builds.

  4. says

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