5.0.75-build11 percona binaries


As you may know Sun / MySQL made release of community 5.0.75 only as source code release. We made binaries with our patchset.
Patches are mostly equal to build 10
https://www.percona.com/blog/2008/12/11/mysql-binaries-percona-build10/, only change:
it includes bugfix for https://bugs.launchpad.net/percona-patches/+bug/308849

You can download binaries (RPMS x86_64) and sources with patches here



  1. says

    After upgrading to 5.0.75-build11, I notice that mytop cannot see actual queries number. It seems that SHOW STATUS LIKE ‘Questions’ behavior changes.

  2. Vadim says


    we did not change that in our patches.
    What version you used before ?

    In 5.0.75 it seems you should use SHOW GLOBAL STATUS LIKE ‘Questions';

  3. says

    Yes, SHOW GLOBAL STATUS LIKE ‘Questions'; looks right.

    I upgrade from 5.0.65-percona-highperf-b10-log to 5.0.75-percona-highperf-b11-log and notice this.

  4. kerppa says

    I installed the 5.0.75-build11 binaries. And it works great, only that I would not want error logging in syslog. Is there a way to disable it without compiling from sources without mysqld_safe_syslog-5.0.62.patch? I am using mysqld_multi script to start the instance. Thanks :)

  5. anna says

    5.0.75 is only source because it isnt released yet oficially… check changelog on mysql website
    i know they put it as GA but on changelog it says that this version isnt released yet so you made percona build with mysql beta

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