Election night


Today was epoch day in American history. Maybe even most important day this year, but it’s not what I’d like to write about here. What does it mean for US citizens and all other people around the world? We know, but what does it mean for us – IT professionals and/or internet portals serving news for end users?

Increased number of requests to webservers, high network utilization, and huge number of queries against your databases (while on duty last night, I saw customer servers handling 10 times larger traffic than usual)..

How to deal with it? How to prepare for such events?

In the moments like that, the most important thing is to assure the continuity and high efficiency.  How to accomplish it?

The best way is through preparation for the planned event.  From past experience, we know that during the ongoing event, it is often impossible to deal with the effects of the traffic intensity. You need to deal with it in advance.

Considering the above, and reaching out to our client’s expectations, we offer the wide array of services enabling them to face the challenge:

  • Consultant Time Hire for MySQL“- to keep an eye on your system during whole period of event and to perform fast and proffesional reaction in case of any problems.

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