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Percona’s patches are now available to a wider audience via OurDelta, a community effort to provide  builds with features (Percona patches, Google patches, etc) and storage engines (PBXT, Sphinx, etc) that aren’t in the main MySQL server. Arjen Lentz is really the brainchild behind this. Kudos Arjen!

What does this mean for the Percona patches? Well, now you can get them in more places.  But it doesn’t change our own commitment to keep innovating in ways our customers (and we ourselves) find useful.  We’re still building our own builds and hosting the downloads from our own website; it’s important that you can get a build that you know authoritatively came from us and was built by us.  The Percona patches and builds represent our best judgment about what’s the state of the art in the MySQL server for real-world usage, and we have no plans to change that.

The OurDelta project is a great way to get pre-built versions of the server with cutting-edge features like PBXT.  This should help lower the barriers to trying these things out.  The Percona builds and patches are conservative (except for the -highperf builds, which are experimental) and won’t include such features, at least not for the foreseeable future.  We’re really glad that others are adopting our patches and blending them with features our builds won’t include.  OurDelta also has a build infrastructure behind it, which is quite a nice thing to have, and we expect that bug reports and patches may even flow “upstream” back to us.

Of course the project is very new, and many changes will undoubtedly happen in the weeks and months to come.  But you have to start somewhere, and it’s really nice to see such an initiative.

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Baron Schwartz

Baron is the lead author of High Performance MySQL. He is a former Percona employee.


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