Monthly Archives - September 2008

Can you Trust CHECK TABLE ?

Take a look at this:


mysql> repair table a3;
| Table | Op | Msg_type | Msg_text |
| test.a3 | repair | status | OK |
1 row in set (0.10 sec)

mysql> select * from a3 order by i;
| i […]

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Development plans

We gathered together our ideas of MySQL improvements on this page
and we are going to implement some of them.
My favorite one is – make InnoDB files .ibd (one created with –innodb-file-per-table=1) movable from one server to another, however it is sort of challenging.
Probably next one patch we want to integrate is Google’s […]

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New patches, new builds

We made new patches, improved previous and want to announce new builds for 5.0.62, 5.0.67 and 5.1.26 versions. One of biggest changes we separated releases of 5.0 into two branches.
First, just “-percona” release is more stable and contains only stable and proven on many installation patches. Second is “-percona-highperf” release, which contains experimental patches […]

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