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Development plans

 | September 8, 2008 |  Posted In: Percona Software


We gathered together our ideas of MySQL improvements on this page https://www.percona.com/percona-lab/dev-plan.html
and we are going to implement some of them.
My favorite one is – make InnoDB files .ibd (one created with –innodb-file-per-table=1) movable from one server to another, however it is sort of challenging.
Probably next one patch we want to integrate is Google’s smp-fix or Yasufumi’s rw-locks (we are going to test both before)

On this page https://www.percona.com/percona-lab.html you can find links to our current binaries and patches.

Vadim Tkachenko

Vadim Tkachenko co-founded Percona in 2006 and serves as its Chief Technology Officer. Vadim leads Percona Labs, which focuses on technology research and performance evaluations of Percona’s and third-party products. Percona Labs designs no-gimmick tests of hardware, filesystems, storage engines, and databases that surpass the standard performance and functionality scenario benchmarks. Vadim’s expertise in LAMP performance and multi-threaded programming help optimize MySQL and InnoDB internals to take full advantage of modern hardware. Oracle Corporation and its predecessors have incorporated Vadim’s source code patches into the mainstream MySQL and InnoDB products. He also co-authored the book High Performance MySQL: Optimization, Backups, and Replication 3rd Edition.


  • Actually we’re really needing the ability to move InnoDB tables too…

    We wrote our own partitioning code in our distributed DB land… it supports shards and partitions (on partition per day).

    The problem is when we need to bring up a new DB server in a shard. We need to copy all the previous partitions.

    They’re immutable so we should be able to copy them from a currently running version of InnoDB to another box.

    It might be possible to do this for a DB server which was an original clone for the current server but I need to test it. I’m not sure what happens when InnoDB has been running for a while.

    We actually migrated BACK to MyISAM (ug) because of this feature. (that and we saved 2x on disk space)


  • Personally I think this is awesome addition, and could be integrated into your set of patches as well:


  • I’m currently trying out the new Ebay Heap Engine, I’ve managed to get the patch to work with 5.0.68, few rejects which I think I fixed. I’m by far no expert, so next step would be to check the changes between the original patched version and the new version to see what exactly caused the rejects, doesn’t seem to be a big deal though.

    Maybe you can write something about the actual process of creating a customized MySQL (is there something like that already out?) while you’re at it 😉

  • Nils,

    That would be interesting to test.
    Before including in release we need to check if there is no stability and performance problems.

    About process – yeah, I have such idea, will try to write 🙂

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