MySQL 5.1 is to reach GA state – all to arms !

MySQL 5.1 is to reach GA state – all to arms !


MySQL 5.1 was in RC stage for around 10 months now finally planned to be released as GA soon. As Monty Says MySQL 5.1.26 will be renamed as GA if no serious bugs are discovered.

Lets help MySQL to ensure GA release will be indeed GA quality and support Monty in his call to ensure this RC candidate works well for you.

If you know about any bugs in MySQL 5.1 or MySQL 5.0 (which are still unfixed in MySQL 5.1) make sure to report them on If there are some bugs already reported but still not fixed as of MySQL 5.1.26 make sure to post a comment to let MySQL know the bug is affecting you as well. The scream factor is important for bug fix prioritization so if you can make a story of your suffering because of the bug to slashdot you should be quite good.

If you’re the customer – make sure you put that note in your bug report. Bug reports from customers should be treated more seriously so make sure you use this advantage. And if you’re not a customer I guess one of your friends is so you can ask them to vote for a bug for you.

It also helps to be descriptive to explain why exactly this bug is important. Many MySQL developers are isolated to the customer so they may not quite understand how often bug circumstances happen and how bad are consequences.

It is surely helps to have repeatable bug reports but make sure to report bug even if you do not have one. If significant number of people are reporting similar issue it shows some problem exists, even if they can’t exactly pinpoint it. It helps MySQL with bug hunting and what is even more important it helps other users which know they are not alone and can find a workaround assuming fix does not exist.

In general I’m quite happy to see MySQL 5.1 is reaching GA stage and I think it is already better than Quality Disaster MySQL 5.0 initial release have been. Though I still think it is not quite where yet when it comes to Quality. Error rate with 5.1 we’ve seen among the customers during last few months was higher than with 5.0, also Scalability of MySQL 5.1 is often subpar compared to MySQL 5.0 possibly due to this bug which is not fixed up to now (not in 5.1.26 at least)


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  • Baron Schwartz Reply

    Unfortunately, MySQL’s 5.0 release made at least some people extremely gun-shy. At a former employer I tried to make the case for running 5.1 as a slave. I was asked to justify this recommendation and when I said “at least it would give us a chance to file reports on bugs that affect us, so they might get fixed and we could upgrade sooner” it didn’t seem to overcome the wariness of a really unstable product. They explicitly referred to the bugginess of 5.0 as a reason to not be bleeding-edge.

    July 20, 2008 at 11:47 am
  • Erik Ljungstrom Reply July 21, 2008 at 2:54 am
  • peter Reply

    Indeed. Just in time 🙂

    July 21, 2008 at 8:54 am
  • Saverio M. Reply

    I’m one of the ‘gun-shy’ persons which considers the current 5.0x MySQL more a beta than a stable product.
    To be exact, I reported about 3 flaws in the query optimizer, plus I’ve found another couple of cases, all in less than six months.

    If I’m going to suggest to my company the update to MySQL 5.1, it would be at least 12 months from the official release.
    And to be honest, I have the fear the the query optimizer will always be sub-optimal.

    July 24, 2008 at 7:32 am

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