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InnoDB in self-compiled MySQL 5.1

 | September 13, 2007 |  Posted In: Insight for DBAs

If you like to compile MySQL from sources by yourself, for different needs, like debugging, testing etc, you probably can face this issue. What I usually do to fast compile and test is

and then, for example, load the dump of InnoDB from previous version:

I bet you will not notice all your […]

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Read Buffers, mmap, malloc and MySQL Performance

 | September 12, 2007 |  Posted In: Insight for DBAs

Monty Taylor posted interesting investigation of the fact read_buffer_size variable affects connection speed. This is not something you would expect right ? me too. Not only global user data is expected to be cached on startup but even if it is not why would you do full table scan to fetch single user information ? […]

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VOIP Advice requested

 | September 10, 2007 |  Posted In: Events and Announcements

As one of my last posts about issues with hosting provider got great response and We got a lot of good advice and offers I decided to ask for advice another problem we have as we’re growing our company – organizing good phone communications. Our goals are rather simple though the fact we’re globally distributed […]

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Speaking on HighLoad Conference, Moscow, Russia

 | September 3, 2007 |  Posted In: Events and Announcements

HighLoad.RU is the conference focused on Building High Performance Systems and has speakers from most of top Russian Internet companies. It is taking place in Moscow, Russia 24-25 of September and you should know a bit of Russian to attend 🙂 The conference has some international flavor though there are few people coming from other […]

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Looking for High Performance MySQL Interns

 | September 2, 2007 |  Posted In: Events and Announcements

We have yet another opening at MySQL Performance Blog. We’re looking for Intern position (with limited compensation) to work on project of MySQL Performance research and analysis, developing and running benchmarks under our guidance, writing WhitePapers and articles. We feel this would be perfect part time position for the Computer Science student interested in High […]

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