Speaking on HighLoad Conference, Moscow, Russia


HighLoad.RU is the conference focused on Building High Performance Systems and has speakers from most of top Russian Internet companies.

It is taking place in Moscow, Russia 24-25 of September and you should know a bit of Russian to attend :)

The conference has some international flavor though there are few people coming from other countries and giving talks in English. I too will fly from London but I’ll specially prepare Russian presentation versions.

I’ll have two sessions: MySQL Transactional Storage Engines and MySQL Scaling Techniques for Web Applications.

Here is the full conference program.



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    Hello, Peter, long time reader of your blog. I really enjoyed your in depth knowledge about mysql. I see that you get requests to post your slides often. I hope my message is not interpreted as marketing spam :) You might want to check out http://www.myplick.com , it allows you to post and share ppt/pdf online and then embed in the blog directly. That way, your readers can easily watch the slide within their browser in a easy to use flash app. If you have the audio to go with the slides, you can also put it on myplick and sync it with the slides. That way, you can put your entire talk online. I’m sure your readers will appreciated that.

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    What can you say about this conference? What did you talk about? Any new features or only an introduction to MySQL :) ? Can I look at it somewhere on youtube or something like this?

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