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I’ve just read post about MySQL plans of including community contributions into releases. I understand MySQL’s interest to make releases stable, and includes contributions only into development tree, but this is not something I would like to see.
Look, MySQL 5.0 was shipped as production on 19 October 2005. Since almost 2 years there is no 5.1 GA, it is still on road. That means if we push our changes into development tree 5.2, the our contrinution will be released in 2 years. Actually this fact make me absolutelly not interested in contrubution my skills into improving MySQL.

One more thing I think about – the difference between between Enterprise and Community releases in 5.0 is only SHOW PROFILE patch, the same probably will be in 5.1. I just wonder how the single patch makes difference, so there is a need to make two different braches – Community and Enterprise.
(P.S For readers this post was written by Vadim, not Peter)



  1. says

    “(P.S For readers this post was written by Vadim, not Peter)”

    Yay, we noticed due to typos and mistakes :)

  2. Senthil says

    Just a thought – Move a larger part of the community from 5.2 development to testing , so that patches and fixes can be made more stable enough for a release.
    Have two sets of community – one whom can be assigned work(these people have access to the community branch and they can be switched from development to testing vice versa at will) and those who can’t be assigned work(let them develop or test whatever they wish.Obviously these people can’t check-in into community branch). The problem now could be due to not many people in the 1st group.

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