Top 5 MySQL wishes – what is next ?

I’ve read through Top 5 (or more) wishes posted by number of MySQL employees as well as by a lot of community members.
It was great to see so wide coverage as people with different backgrounds wish different things – Developers have some wishes to ease development process, MySQL DBAs would like stuff related to operations like Hot Backup. People actively working with Performance problems like Kevin,Jeremy or me have bunch of performance and scaling related wishes.

There is also a good overlap among people wishes which shows there are some things which are really needed badly.

The great question now is what will happen next ? Will there be any action taken to target wishes which make the most sense ? I heard Jay is collecting and summarizing these wishes so they would not be just lost but will there any true action taking ?

What I would like to see is MySQL taking a time to discuss and prioritize these internally and then tell us if any of the issues make them into priority list and what are the plans for them. I know some of them are already in works such as Subquery optimization or online Backup so it would be great to know timeline for these, for others it would be good to know at least they are going to get resources allocated soon.

In for example a year from now I’d like to see followup on the matter, to tell us what progress was achieved.

It is easy to ask for opinion but it is much harder to make that opinion count and result in something coming to the fruition.

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  • Kevin Burton

    Better yet… MySQL should just invite us all in for lunch one day 🙂


    July 6, 2007 at 4:11 pm

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