Yearly Archives - 2006

Are PHP persistent connections evil ?

As you probably know PHP “mysql” extension supported persistent connections but they were disabled in new “mysqli” extension, which is probably one of the reasons some people delay migration to this extension.
The reason behind using persistent connections is of course reducing number of connects which are rather expensive, even though they are […]

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Undo area size restriction needed for Innodb

As you can read from my Innodb Architecture and Performance Optimization presentation Innodb automatically manages undo area in system tablespace so you never need to care about it. I present it as positive feature reducing administration effort needed but it also can cause a troubles as it happened for me today:

InnoDB: 11 transaction(s) […]

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Back from OpenSource Database Conference

I’m just back from OpenSource Database Conference and PHP International Conference which took place in Frankfurt.
I’ve uploaded slides for two talks I’ve been giving which you might want to check out.
In general Database portion of the conference was a bit boring. May be because it was not widely announced or may be […]

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