Back from OpenSource Database Conference

I’m just back from OpenSource Database Conference and PHP International Conference which took place in Frankfurt.

I’ve uploaded slides for two talks I’ve been giving which you might want to check out.

In general Database portion of the conference was a bit boring. May be because it was not widely announced or may be for some other reason. There were number of talks about MySQL by Arjen Lentz, Me and Giuseppe Maxia . There also were talks about Firebird, Apache Derby, Ingres and DB40. There however were no talks about PostgreSQL which is probably second most popular OpenSource Database or any others.

There were number of nice talks in PHP section – I especially enjoyed talks about PHP6 localization and DateTime handling in PHP 5.2+ I wish there would be some hard core performance optimization sessions for PHP applications which did not exist.

Attending Arjens session about typical MySQL/PHP Mistakes I was surprised how few people were able to catch even rather simple mistakes in my mind. It is encouraging as it means there will be enough work for consultants like us but it is also frustrating as it explains why it is hard to hire knowledgeable people to work with you.

In general it was worth the visit. Too bad the hotel was in the middle of nowhere so I could not see Frankfurt itself.

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