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I’m happy to announce availability of MySQL Performance Forums on MySQL Performance Blog.

This forum is created as free alternative to MySQL Consulting Services which we provide. If you would like to get some free help to your performance issues please use forums so everyone else could benefit from our replies. You also should get more opinions on your performance problems from other forum members. There were a lot of unrelated performance questions placed as comments and sent by email and we had to find better way to organize it.

We will try to reply to messages on this forum with highest priority as time permits.

Yes there are great general MySQL Forums which grew huge and hard to follow fully, while on our local forums we should be able to make sure everyone gets advice on their performance questions.

We also cover a bit wider set of topics than just MySQL Performance. There is MySQL for MySQL Performance topics. LAMP Forum for Web Application scaling and performance topics, whatever database you’re using and Full Text Search Forum for discussion of Full Text Search applications, whatever database and search application you’re using.

We will add more forums over time.

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Peter Zaitsev

Peter managed the High Performance Group within MySQL until 2006, when he founded Percona. Peter has a Master's Degree in Computer Science and is an expert in database kernels, computer hardware, and application scaling.



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  • Hmmm… Trying to activate my account, but nothing happens and account is spill unconfirmed…


  • peter Post author


    Thanks for feedback. It looks like after playing with mod_rewrite rules a bit we broke email confirmation. Will fix it shortly.


  • Ok. Drop me a note when will fix it.


  • I am not able to register. When I click “Register,” after completing the form, I get a blank page. :(


  • Alexey,

    I’m sorry, there was a problem with Rewrite URL in FUDForum,
    now that is fixed.
    I also confirmed your account.


  • Mike C.

    It looks like you tried to register while I was fixing rewrite module.
    Please try again,
    sorry for inconvenience.


  • peter Post author

    It seems to be all fixed so welcome to register again.
    Sorry that was quite silly error.


  • Just checked main page:
    Most users ever online was 88 on Fri, 11 August 2006 12:52
    We have 20 registered user(s).



  • peter Post author

    I guess that could include anonimous users or it could be fudforum bug.


  • El mysql 5.0.27 lo tengo instalado sobre un DELL 1950 (un equipo bastante potente).
    El problema es que estoy tardando arriba de un minuto para establecer conexion contra las bases de dicho server, desde programas en java, paginas php y hasta desde consola.
    Desde el mismo servidor conecto al mysql en forma instantanea.
    Actualmente el server mantiene aproximadamente 70 conexiones a las bases.
    El SO que estoy utilizando es el fedora core 6.
    Gracias de antemano!


  • peter Post author

    Sorry. I do not know Spanish and this is English language blog. If you have troubles expressing yourself in English please at least take a time to use Google Translate to do automatic translation.


  • Hello all,

    I Am new to Mysql and Need Advice about the Following settings

    I use Mysq 5.0.26 version on Windows 2003 enterprise server and i configured Mysql Settings

    Please have a look and let me know if they are correct

    Mysql Version : 5.0.26
    OS : Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition
    Ram : 2 GB

    Mysql Setting :

    Key buffer : 200 MB
    sort buffer : 2 MB
    Myisam sort buffer : 350 MB
    Innodb buffer pool : 700 MB
    Add mem pool : 13 MB
    Log Buffer : 7 mb
    query cache : 50 MB

    And Some times i get “Out OF Memory Error”,so please let me know if i am allocating more memory to mysql

    Please Help



  • And i forgot to same we are holding 2 databases on this server

    1st db is of 2.5 gb(2 Gb data + o.5 GB index)
    2nd DB id of 600 MB (480 MB Data + 120 MB Index)

    and in 1st database we use both Myisam and Innodb tables
    and in the 2nd we use only innodb tables


  • Hello all,
    I am new to MySQL and have been tasked with coming up with a database that has better performance than our current proof-of-concept db. We are VERY small, have a TINY budget, but will have a faily large database – it will grow to 2-5 TB in the future. It’s not an OLTP db, we’ll be running 1 or 2 user queries against it doing large selects. But we will constantly be adding data in the back end.

    We’re a windows shop but will probably be using Linux for the license cost savings. We’ll have a single server running the DB. In people’s opinion, could we get away with just adding a few large SATA disks to the server, logically making them one drive? Or is this a recipe for disaster? Should we go with a disk array, maybe RAID, etc?



  • Hi,
    I was looking for your forum to ask this but it seems to be down.

    Basically I have a problem regarding long running select query.

    A query runs for say 300 seconds and because the resultset is huge, it eventually starts creating a temp table on disk.

    Now during those 300 second, other ‘innocuous’ queries which perform small insert or updates into completely different table (unrelated to the select query) also get hang up.
    If I do show processlist, the update queries show up with state =’Updating’ or some others with state =’query end’; there are also some other which show state as ‘null’ and Info says ‘commit’

    The ‘Table_locks_waited’ remains zero while the ‘Table_locks_immediate’ keeps increasing
    I have disabled the query cache by
    set global query_cache_size = 0;

    All this on a fairly decent size server where I have 6GB innodb_buffer_pool_size split into 3 innodb_buffer_pool_instances. The entire main db would be around 20GB

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated



  • Hi Saurabh,

    Sorry you encountered an issue accessing the forums. I don’t see any issues with them – they are up and running – but maybe there was some short-term glitch you encountered. At any rate this is a very old post – and as you mentioned, the forums is the place to ask this sort of question. Here’s the url: https://www.percona.com/forums/questions-discussions/mysql-and-percona-server

    I’ll sure someone from our community (maybe even a Percona expert) will be able to help you resolve your issue.


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