PLEASANTON, Calif., Feb 11, 2009 -- Percona, a leading provider of consulting and support for large, high-performance Internet applications built from open-source software, has announced their Percona Performance Conference 2009. The conference theme is “Performance is Everything.”

This free event presents experts on all aspects of the full software stack, including open-source databases (especially MySQL and InnoDB), full-text search, web and content serving, client-side performance, and caching. Coverage of programming languages, frameworks, operating systems, and hardware topics is also planned. The dates will be April 22 and 23, which coincides with the MySQL Conference and Expo 2009.

“Our conference will provide a great value for our customers, partners, and everyone interested in a broader view of performance,” says Percona's CEO Peter Zaitsev. “Everyone needs their database to run faster, and we help clients do that every day. But the database is far from the only component in a high-performance application. The wider scope of Percona's agenda, available at the same time and place as the Sun/MySQL event, makes it even more compelling for people from all over the world to make the journey.”

Confirmed speakers include MySQL creator Monty Widenius, Drizzle creator Brian Aker, Sphinx creator Andrew Aksyonoff, and Google database guru Mark Callaghan. Percona's own speakers will include CEO Peter Zaitsev, CTO Vadim Tkachenko, and Director of Consulting Baron Schwartz.

Both conferences will be held at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Santa Clara, California. Percona's event is organized with the full cooperation of Sun/MySQL and O'Reilly. It will be held in the same convention hall and at the same time as the main event. But the agenda and content will be independently arranged by Percona.

The Call for Proposals for Percona Performance Conference 2009 is currently open. Interested persons are invited to submit session proposals by February 28 to


Percona LLC provides pay-as-you-go, zero-commitment consulting, remote DBA services, and support for today's high-performance applications built around open-source components. Percona's pricing model requires no lock-in and sets no boundaries between services, making help available on a flat-rate basis for both short and long-term needs. The company was founded in 2006 by former members of MySQL's original High Performance Support Group. Percona today fields a team of dozens of expert consultants worldwide. The founders and consultants are authors of the definitive reference “High Performance MySQL” from O'Reilly Press and the widely read “MySQL Performance Blog”. Percona's customers include Fortune 100 companies, as well as leading Internet firms that are household names.

Percona also releases enhanced GPL versions of the MySQL database server, and XtraDB, based on the InnoDB transactional engine but enhanced for better scalability on today's hardware.

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