Latest Release of Percona Server 5.5 Dramatically Improves MySQL In-Memory Data Storage

PLEASANTON, California - September 28, 2011 - Percona LLC, the largest and oldest independent MySQL services vendor, today announced the release of Percona Server version 5.5.15. The new release enables users to save memory and allows them to simultaneously hold more types of data (such as large BLOB and TEXT types) in memory by removing the fixed-length limitation on the MySQL MEMORY storage engine. The new release is based on improvements designed for the world's largest online auction company.


  • Use of the MySQL MEMORY storage engine is popular for data that does not need to be stored permanently. The MEMORY storage engine provides a higher-performance alternative to disk storage, because memory is much faster than disk. Example uses include website sessions and temporary tables for processing queries in several steps. However, the MEMORY storage engine included in all current and historical versions of MySQL is limited to fixed-length data types. This causes it to waste space and prevents some types of data (such as large BLOB and TEXT types) from being used at all.
  • Percona Server 5.5.15, based on MySQL 5.5.15, includes an enhanced version of the MEMORY storage engine that the server uses to store and process data without writing it to disk. The new release removes the fixed-length limitation with improvements designed for the world's largest online auction company, eBay.
  • Percona Server users can now store any data type in memory-based tables. This change removes the requirement of padding memory to its maximum potential length. Percona Server 5.5.15 also now permits BLOB and TEXT columns to be created in a MEMORY table.
  • A fork of MySQL, Percona Server includes fixes for known limitations sooner than the MySQL release schedule allows, resulting in faster, more reliable performance for critical MySQL deployments.


Baron Schwartz, Chief Performance Architect for Percona LLC

“Percona is focused on improving MySQL performance for users worldwide. The new release of Percona Server 5.5 meets the demand of MySQL users to optimize memory storage usage and expand the types of data that can be stored in memory such as large BLOB and TEXT types. These types of cutting edge improvements to the MySQL platform in Percona Server, which is used by many of the largest and most demanding MySQL users in the world, have resulted in more than 250,000 downloads since the initial release of Percona Server in 2008.”

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