PLEASANTON, Calif., April 13, 2010 -- Percona LLC (, experts in performance and scalability of MySQL(TM) databases and LAMP applications, announces "Percona Server with XtraDB" as a drop-in replacement for MySQL, with full backward compatibility.

Percona's release enhances MySQL 5.1 with up to 10x performance improvements, diagnostic tools useful to DBAs, and more tunability of server behavior. Also included is Percona's online backup utility XtraBackup, the first such open source tool in the MySQL ecosystem.

The resulting 'Percona Server with XtraDB' shows outstanding performance and scalability on today's high-end server systems with many CPUs and fast storage subsystems such as flash storage and SSD. Notable advantages include:

  • Scalability: Handles more concurrent transactions, and scales up on powerful servers.
  • Performance: Fast IO path, improved internal cooperation, and fast checksums.
  • Flexibility: Variable page size, better table and buffer pool management, and configurable insert buffer.
  • Reliability: Resilience to corrupted data, and crash-safe transactional replication.
  • Management: Online backup, InnoDB table import/export, fast recovery, and configurable data dictionary.
  • Diagnostics: Improved profiling and instrumentation.

These improvements have led high-profile users, including Top 50 websites, to adopt the Percona enhancements. "Percona Server with XtraDB" now integrates these into one easily deployed solution. It is available for unlimited usage at no charge under the GPL license, the same license used by MySQL. Users can download it free from

Percona provides support, consulting, and training for users of all Percona and MySQL ecosystem software. Percona also provides fixed-cost maintenance support for builds and bug fixes.


Percona LLC provides pay-as-you-go, zero-commitment consulting, remote DBA services, and technical support for high-performance applications built with MySQL and other open-source components. The company was founded in 2006 by the original staff of MySQL?s High Performance Support Group. Percona today employs dozens of experts worldwide. Percona consultants authored the definitive ?High Performance MySQL? ( from O?Reilly Press and the widely read ?MySQL Performance Blog? ( Customers include leading Internet companies that are household names, Fortune 100 firms, and many smaller enterprises who receive the same personal service and attention.

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