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News Bulletins

Our releases of 2010, in reverse chronological order:

Percona's Commitments to MySQL Users

PLEASANTON, Calif., Nov 5, 2010 -- You probably saw the Twitter storm over Oracle's pricing changes and InnoDB in the last few days. The fear about Oracle removing InnoDB from the free version of MySQL was baseless - it was just a misunderstanding. Still, in the years since MySQL has been acquired by Sun, and then by Oracle, many MySQL users have been uncertain about the future. We think it's important for us to make our own position and plans clear and public, so that there is no fear or doubt about what Percona will do.

Percona Launches Worldwide 24x7 Support for MySQL

PLEASANTON, Calif., Oct 5, 2010 -- Percona, the leading independent performance experts for MySQL, offers an escape from per-server and per-CPU pricing models commonly used by MySQL support vendors. Percona's new support package covers an unlimited number of MySQL servers for a flat annual fee, while also adding bug fix and server compilation services unique in the industry.

Espen Braekken Becomes Vice President of Consulting & Support at Percona

PLEASANTON, Calif., Aug 2, 2010 -- Percona, provider of pay-as-you-go consulting and support for MySQL databases, announced today the appointment of Espen Braekken as Vice President of Consulting & Support.

Percona Launches "Percona Server with XtraDB"

PLEASANTON, Calif., Apr 13, 2010 -- Percona LLC. (https://www.percona.com), experts in performance and scalability of MySQL(TM) databases and LAMP applications, announces "Percona Server with XtraDB" as a drop-in replacement for MySQL, with full backward compatibility.