Percona’s Expertise Ensures Seamless Transition to Zend DBi and Access to Long-term Support Solution

PLEASANTON, California – May 8, 2012 – Percona LLC the company that makes MySQL faster and more reliable, today announced that Zend Technologies Ltd. has selected Percona to maintain and support Zend DBi, the drop-in replacement for MySQL on the IBM i platform. The move ensures that companies that have standardized on IBM i can make a seamless transition to a feature-rich, fully supported, and open source alternative MySQL solution.


  • Zend provides Zend Server, the leading application server for business critical PHP applications. Zend has a longstanding partnership with IBM to offer Zend Server on the IBM i platform.
  • Zend Technologies is providing Zend DBi as a drop-in replacement for MySQL on the IBM i platform.
  • By leveraging the expertise of Percona to maintain Zend DBi, Zend Technologies is ensuring a smooth and painless transition, for companies that have standardized on IBM i. These companies are in need of an alternative to MySQL because the MySQL open source project has ceased distributing the MySQL database running on the IBM i operating system.
  • Zend Technologies selected Percona because Percona offers a cost-effective and proven MySQL-based solution that delivers high performance and is regularly and frequently updated.
  • Percona has provided MySQL support, consulting, and development services for more than five years.
  • Percona MySQL Support increases uptime and availability. The flexible services provide customers with help on MySQL-related products including MySQL, Percona Server, MariaDB, Amazon RDS for MySQL, Drizzle, XtraBackup and Percona Toolkit. The Percona worldwide support team is available online or via phone 24x7. Percona can also provide rapid enhancements for MySQL much quicker than the normal MySQL release cycle by utilizing Percona’s in-house development and consulting resources. Zend DBi users who are interested in Percona MySQL Support can learn more by visiting or by contacting Percona Sales.


Kent Mitchell, Director Product Management, Zend Technologies

“Percona offered us the most efficient, rapid path to providing IBM i users with an excellent long-term solution to the MySQL dilemma, as well as a seamless transition to our new Zend DBi alternative. This is very important to us because we know Percona will assist us to provide our customers with a well-supported, high performance MySQL-based solution both now and into the future.”

Vadim Tkachenko, Co-founder and CTO for Percona LLC

“We're happy to announce that we're partnering with Zend to introduce Zend DBi as a drop-in replacement for MySQL on the IBM i platform. Zend approached us to say that they want to ensure there's a way forward for IBM i users and asked if we'd help them. We're delighted to do so. The result is Zend DBi.”

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