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  • Customer Survey
  • Shift Support Captain: Online and Ready 24x7
  • Training
  • Meetups and Conferences
  • New Employees Join Percona
  • New Services: MySQL (NDB) Cluster
  • XtraDB, XtraBackup, and Custom Builds
  • Porting Patches to MySQL 5.1
  • Maatkit Improvements
  • Upgraded Cacti Templates
  • On the Internet

Customer Survey

We'd like to hear your feedback on how we're doing, so we created a 4-question survey that should take about one minute to fill out. We appreciate your opinion.

Shift Support Captain: Online and Ready 24x7

Our enchanced 24x7 coverage via Percona's "Support Shift Captain" (SSC) role is working very well. Established Percona customers can contact the the SSC on duty anytime 24x7 by any of the following methods:

  • Phone +1-888-401-3401 ext 911
  • Gtalk
  • Skype percona.oncall
  • AIM oncallpercona

Contacting our SSC is for anytime customers need fast help, not just for emergency situations. If you need to become a Percona customer, call our Sales team at +1-208-473-2904 weekdays 8-5 Pacific time, or complete our contact form at

We've also created a new page on our website that explains how to use us for best results. Recommended reading:


Morgan's training is drawing rave reviews! He'll be delivering his "Performance Optimization for MySQL with InnoDB and XtraDB" class on these occasions:

Planned events are always at

Meetups and Conferences

We have recently visited several conferences, including Highload++ in Russia, the Central Pennsylvania Open Source Conference, and others. In the upcoming months, we will be at the Enterprise LAMP Summit, Enterprise LAMP Camp, and OpenSQL Camp, among others:

It's worth mentioning that we're happy to combine onsite visits or training with or near such events, and help you save some money, so let us know if you'd like us to visit you.

We're also regular presenters at various meetups, so if you'd like us to come to one near you, we're happy to see if we can do that.

New Employees Join Percona

On the technical side, Yves Trudeau, Fernando Ipar, and Devananda van der Veen have joined Percona. Yves is formerly of Sun Microsystems at the MySQL Professional Services group. He is one of the top MySQL Cluster experts in the world, an expert in large data, and expert in high availability. Fernando is our first dedicated Shift Support Captain, and is a talented sysadmin and programmer with many years of consulting experience. Devananda is an expert in MySQL and application performance, systems administration, and automation.

On the administrative side, Bill Schuler has joined Percona as our VP of Sales. Bill comes to us with 20 years of sales experience in the database marketplace, including five years as Director of Inside Sales for MySQL Ab. Svetlana Prozhogin has joined Percona as our Director of Finance. Svetlana formerly worked in financial administration for a global Fortune 500 firm, and brings a wealth of practical experience into Percona.

New Services: MySQL (NDB) Cluster

We are not exaggerating when we say that Yves is literally one of the world's greatest experts and MySQL Cluster. Perhaps only a single-digit number of people can claim to be true experts in Cluster, and he is certainly one of them. If you are considering Cluster, or wonder whether it meets your needs, or need help with an existing installation, we have the expertise to help you.

XtraDB, XtraBackup, and Custom Builds

As always, we continue pushing the state of the art in performance and functionality with our custom software. We have released new builds of XtraDB, XtraBackup, and our enhanced 5.0.x builds of the MySQL database server. As always, everything is fully open source and free, and can be downloaded at our website, Newsworthy items:

  • XtraDB 1.0.4-8, XtraBackup 0.9.5rc, 5.0.86-build19 Percona binaries
  • Amazon AMI for XtraDB: ami-4701e22e
  • XtraBackup can now extract and report detailed statistics on your data (independently of the function of backing up your data).

Porting Patches to MySQL 5.1

Our custom patch set for the MySQL server has revolutionized people's ability to measure, understand, and optimize the server. However, these are only for the 5.0 series of the server; most of the patches have not been ported to 5.1 yet. We would like to change that, and we need your help. Porting these patches will be no small task, so we are asking for sponsorship of the effort. Let us know if you are willing to help out.

Maatkit Improvements

Many of our customers have generously sponsored a lot of work on Maatkit over the last several months. Briefly, mk-upgrade is waiting for broader testing in the real world; mk-table-sync has a ton of bug fixes; and mk-parallel-dump and -restore have been stripped down and cleaned up tremendously.

Upgraded Cacti Templates

The Cacti templates we use and recommend a lot, from, just got some major improvements. We can help you upgrade if you like.

On the Internet

Videos of the sessions at our Performance Conference in April are online:

We will hold another Performance Conference the week of April 12, 2010 in Santa Clara, California.

We have recently published an entire series of blog posts on software other than MySQL. These include relational databases such as LucidDB, MonetDB, Infobright, and non-relational stores such as Tokyo Tyrant. There are far too many articles to list, so please visit our blog at if you are interested.

We have a LinkedIn group, which we invite you to use:

Thanks for considering it.

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October 29 2009