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  February, 2011
   Baron Schwartz, Shridar Subramanian, Vadim Tkachenko

Scaling MySQL Deployments With Percona Server and Virident tachIOn Drives

Until recently, MySQL and InnoDB were unable to take advantage of high-performance hardware, particularly storage systems. Large-scale deployments made heavy use of so-called horizontal scaling with a technique called sharding — partitioning data across many small-to-midsize servers. Today, MySQL — especially Percona's enhanced version of MySQL, Percona Server with XtraDB — is capable of exercising much more powerful servers and storage systems. As a result, server consolidation and vertical scaling is a viable, and often much more economical, path to high performance with MySQL. This white paper explains how to configure servers for high performance with MySQL and the Virident tachIOn PCIe solid-state storage device.

Baron Schwartz
Vice President of Consulting
Shridar Subramanian
Vice President, Product Marketing and Management, Virident
Vadim Tkachenko

Our MySQL white papers are free. They are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 license.

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