Percona Lifestyle Advantages

At Percona, we focus on the needs of our customers and end users. We are data performance management thought leaders, with a variety of exciting open source projects. Joining Percona makes you a part of an expert-level MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, PostgreSQL and other open source database solutions and services team that's changing and supporting the open source database community.

Work With People From Multiple Countries

Percona staff members live in nearly 30 different countries around the world, so we offer our new hires a global experience with multinational teamwork. We work from home, interacting daily through corporate chat services and email and occasionally meeting in person at global conferences and events.

Competitive Compensation

Percona offers competitive salaries and compensation packages based on each person’s real skills and practical experience. Percona provides its staff members with equipment for home offices, travel insurance and expenses, educational opportunities and more.

Attend Conferences and Share Your Knowledge

Percona encourages technical experts to share their knowledge through our Data Performance Blog and other social media, as well as by speaking at Percona Live Data Performance conferences, tradeshows and Meetups. As a Perconian, you will work with well-known industry experts, book authors and conference speakers.

Enjoy Your Family and Life

Percona is a privately owned, family-friendly company, with flexible hours, providing you time to spend with your family, volunteer, work out or take time for external hobbies. We provide 20 vacation days and 10 holidays per year.

What Our Team Members Say

“Percona has definitely become more than just another Job for me. The company's integrity and the amazing people I am fortunate to work with give me a purpose and inspiration I've been missing so far. I cannot think of one person at Percona that is not brilliant, helpful and always willing to go the extra mile for its teammates and the company. Working here has allowed me to grow both professionally and personally and earned me friends for life. I am not exaggerating when I say that Percona has become family in some way. I am thankful for the opportunity to work here everyday.”

Ramona Gerum - Customer Success Representative

“First and foremost, the Percona people keep me with the company. The second reason to stay with Percona is technology. I'm very confident in the technology and how it's being pursued. The third one is management. I am very confident in our CEO’s vision. So in a way, Percona is the golden trifecta: it has great people, good tech and management with a proper vision. Percona has taught me how a company can be distributed and still function as a whole, have an identity and an esprit de corps. Though I’ve worked remotely, that was with companies that were essentially a brick and mortar company. Percona works hard at maintaining an identity that people can use to help define their career. I don’t feel I am just a remote consultant; I feel I am an employee of Percona.”

Tim Sharp, Technical Account Manager

“Percona is full of wonderful & talented people, and you'll be amazed how helpful people can be here. New hires can expect to find a lot of talent, much collaboration and openness at Percona.”

Marcos Albe, Principal Technical Services Engineer

“The people and the passion are what make Percona special. I have the incredibly good fortune of working with a terrific group of folks. I would say my accomplishments in the past two years are a result of strong working relationships with others.”

Ann Schlemmer, Vice President of Customer Success