Andrey Maksimov

Andrey Maksimov

Software Engineer

Andrey joined Percona in August 2009 as a Software Engineer. As a leader of the internal development team, he works on projects that maintain and improve the company's internal systems and infrastructure. One of his particular areas of expertise is web programming and other related technologies.

Before joining Percona, Andrey was a developer at BIT Studios Ltd. Prior to that, he held development and management positions at Novotelecom, Altai State University, and several other places. He has been involved in web development since 1996, and he wrote his first computer program in 1988.

Andrey spent most of his life in Siberia. He was born in Tomsk, grew up in Barnaul, and lived in Novosibirsk for years. He and his wife Ekaterina have a son, Aleksey, and a daughter, Irina. Nowadays they live in Uzhgorod, Ukraine.